John Daniel Shutt

Developer, Writer, and Organizer

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Current Work

Dustbowl Labs

Creating Ethereum blockchain applications, ERC-721 collectible games, smart contracts, dapps, tokens, and web3 interfaces. Contributing open source code to key projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, including Truffle, Drizzle, and OpenZeppelin.


Serving on the board of directors and later as treasurer for Noisebridge, a storied San Francisco hackerspace. Helped secure $30,000 in grants, stabilize finances, increase membership, and improve community culture.

Past Work


Gave feedback and advice to Google's public policy team on new technologies, privacy issues, and hackerspaces.


Facilitated high-impact investigative journalism in the San Francisco Bay Area with a SecureDrop system, which encrypts and anonymizes communications between sources and journalists over Tor onion services.

All City News

Ran a community-supported investigative journalism project, publishing on a freelance basis with partners at KQED, Hoodline, and other outlets.

Universal Income Project

Helped a growing universal basic income advocacy group coordinate events and panel discussions, drive membership, and launch new initiatives.

Tau Informatics

Wrote frontend and backend code for clients who need internal business management systems and stylish frontend web interfaces, using JavaScript, PHP, and WordPress.

Westward Leaning

Led development of Westward Leaning's ecommerce storefront, built using Liquid, Sass, JavaScript, and a Shopify backend. Worked with our CEO and the design and ecommerce teams to meet our online goals, and hired and trained a junior developer.


Recruited an international team of developers and designers for a new startup and researched and evaluated elements of the company’s software architecture.

Animal Money

Ran a micro-store selling books and art in secret locations throughout San Francisco.


Built a prototype Ruby on Rails application to help techies find local volunteering opportunities.


Directed the design and development of mobile wishlist app for kids. This role included short story writing, coding, recruiting, interviewing, UX design, systems administration, and multiple ad hoc tasks supporting this early-stage startup.


Contributed to the Facebook FanPageEngine and iFrameEngine, using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and various external APIs. Worked with the CEO and lead developer to fix specific problems as they arose.


Designed and built a web application using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript to run free sports prediction games for bars and restaurants.

Planet Halo

Led the content team for Planet Halo, now part of the IGN network, while I was in middle school. Wrote and edited news and content, directed a team of writers and moderators, and administered a large forum community. Grew the site to 1,000,000+ unique monthly front-page visitors and 100,000+ monthly forum visitors at its peak.


Florida State University